Fashion archive

I am currently researching 1960s fashion as inspiration for my third year final collection. So far I have researched the era by visiting museums, reading books, viewing art work. However it wasn’t until my recent view to the Worthing museum to view there archive of clothing and accessories that I feel like I truly understood the era and the everyday fashion, people and designers experimented with in the 1960s.

20150805_145050 20150805_145100 20150805_144651 20150805_144647
The Worthing museum is a real find for local fashion students. You can make appointments to view the achieve and view at whatever era or style you are researching. I was able to make an appointment within four weeks, which is reasonable compare to London museums where you might have up to a three month wait. During your appointment you are allowed to photograph, sketch in pencil, measure and handle the garment yourself when wearing gloves. I think when you hold garments yourself, feel the weight of the fabric, see the labels and see the wear and tear in the garments. It gives you a much clear idea about the design and the purpose of the garments compared the viewing the garments behind glass cabinets. I felt so inspired from seeing theses original garments and I was surprised by how much variation there was in style and silhouette.
These are a few of my photographs from my visit.

20150805_151401 20150805_151345 20150805_150834 20150805_150759


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