Celebrity fashion

How celebrity culture is influencing me in researching for final collection. We all know that it’s not just runway that influences and inspires fashion and trends. In recent years with the growth of social media especially platforms such as twitter where you can interact with your favourite celebrity, there has been a growth in celebrity fashion trends. Where people take inspiration from their celebrity icon and imitate it and it turn into street fashion. One celebrity that has inspired me in design and creative work is the one and only Miley Cyrus. Last weekend Miley Cyrus shocked the VMA awards with her minimises and transparent range of outfits. However I found them rather exciting and fresh. The outfits where made from a range of materials including acrylic plastic, clear pvc and reflective and metallic materials. This makes me think the designer who created Mileys outfits would have taken inspiration from the wild experimental 1960s. I am currently researching the 1960s for one of my concepts for my final collection and it great to see a modern twist on design using 1960s experimental materials.I think there’s no better celebrity to represent the swinging sixty’s than our very own wild child Miley Cyrus.

The images above are from google images and I will remove them if requested.


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